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Save 50% by Purchasing Reprocessed IVUS Catheters!

Buying reprocessed IVUS catheters can save you 50% when compared to buying new. It also means less medical waste in landfills while contributing to your sustainability goals. Everyone keeps more of their green.
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The Buyback Program

We also buy used IVUS and Atherectomy catheters, enabling an incremental income stream for your Cath Lab and OBL while supporting your sustainability goals to reduce RMW. Here’s how it works:


Send a spreadsheet of CV devices you purchase. We’ll price them out and respond back to you in 24 hours.


We’ll provide your CV lab with ziplock bags, boxes and pre-paid shipping labels to send in your used/soiled CV devices.


Your shipment of CV devices will be confirmed via email and within 3-5 days of receipt of your devices, you’ll get a report detailing the value of your devices.

The Turbo Elite and Shockwave are two of the atherectomy catheters on our buy back list:

View the full list of devices CVsustain buys back.